Download Syberia [Gold Edition]

  • English Name
    Syberia [Gold Edition]
  • Persian Name
    سفر به سیبری [نسخه طلایی]
  • Producer
  • Publisher
  • Release date
  • Released on
    1 DVD
  • Platform
  • شامل:
    • سفر به سایبریا (دوبله شده به فارسی)
    • سایبریا ۲: سفر به سیبری (دوبله شده به فارسی)
  • Includes:
    • Syberia (Persian Dubbed)
    • Syberia II (Persian Dubbed)
This game is being sold by the publisher/producer and it is not possible to download from this website. To get this work, buy it from official sources.
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Syberia Gold Edition Vip Card Back Cover.jpg129.31 kB2021-06-12 17:11:57
Syberia Gold Edition Disk Cover.jpg429.88 kB2021-06-12 17:12:01
SYBERIA1.part1.rar1.07 GB2021-06-08 23:57:33
SYBERIA1.part2.rar1.07 GB2021-06-09 00:03:37
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Syberia Gold Edition Serial.txt50 B2021-06-09 23:45:21


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